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PC Water Cooling Guide and Review

Being a studio founded in moving the industry forward, not just making games, we decided to share the design of our recently built water cooled PC. This PC had to be exceptionally powerful to support the creation of the next-gen level graphics we hope to showcase in Cradle. We hope that this tutorial and explanation will help make your PC's all they can be.

How to Water Cool a Desktop PC

See what design and components were used to follow these principles:

  • Maximize flow to increase heat transfer
  • Use low resistance components with high heat transfer properties
  • Isolate the heat produced from the radiator and keep it cool
  • Choose a case with side cross ventillation
  • Use a large volume of water for a heat sink and to create circulating pressure
  • Put the reservoir high in the tower to increase circulating pressure

Water Cooling Topics

For a concise review of questions to ask before you design you PC water cooling loop, please see PC Water Cooling Guide and Review - Frequently Asked Questions.